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Archived documents

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1023/160Surveyor's rough valuation book: South Devon and Plymouth1902-1904
1023/167Surveyor's rough valuation book: Plymouth Guardianscirca 1917
1023/193Surveyor's rating valuation book: Plymouth1911-1928
1023/200Surveyor's rating valuation book: Plymouth1909-1929
1023/205Surveyor's rating valuation book: Plymouth1912-1923
1023/207Surveyor's rating valuation book: Plymouth1914-1918
1023/233Surveyor's notebook: Plymouth, South Devon and Cornwall1913-1916
1090Plymouth Social Services1834-1958
1090/2Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall Female Orphan Asylum, Stoke, Devonport, Reports1870-1883
1096/28Sale catalogue, the Octagon Tramway Stable, Plymouth1902
1112F W Harris and Company, wholesalers of hardware, glass and china, of Plymouth1891-1946
1228/175Three Towns Ruridecanal Clerical and Lay Conference, Rescue and Preventative Committee, Annual Report30 Sep 1923
1228/176Three Towns Ruridecanal Clerical and Lay Conference, Rescue and Preventative Committee, Annual Report30 Sep 1926
1243/2039 Whitleigh Avenue, formerly 20 Whitleigh Terrace, Crownhill, Plymouth22 May 1922
1302/57Plymouth, 9 The Octagon24 Jun 1882
1418/21Photograph, Octagon Brewery, Stonehouse, Plymouthcirca Mar 1941
1418/283Photograph, Plymouth air raid damage, The Octagon25 Apr 1941
1418/4388Photograph, Octagon Youth Club Bazaarcirca Dec 1949
1418/4389Photograph, Octagon Youth Club Bazaarcirca Dec 1949
1418/6322Photograph, Octagon Brewery, Plymouth, Sports Club Party14 Jan 1951

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