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Benefits calculator

To find out if you are entitled to support with paying your rent or council tax simply answer a few questions on our benefit calculator

Based on the income of your household the calculator will provide an estimate of what you may receive.

Questions can be answered anonymously.

Calculate your benefit entitlement

Further information and documents

How your benefit is calculated?


Income is money that comes into your home. If you are working we will ignore part of your earnings, this is called a disregard. The amount of the disregard depends on your circumstances. We also disregard other income such as Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Attendance Allowance and war pensions.

When we work out your wages we take your gross pay and take off any national insurance, income tax and half of any pension payments. Any voluntary payments are not deducted.


Capital means things like money in a bank or building society, stocks and shares or premium bonds. We must look at any capital you have when we work out a claim. We can ignore the first £6,000. If you are pensioner we ignore the first £10,000, and for each £500 capital over this amount we will add £1 to your weekly income. If you are working age for Housing Benefit we add £1 to your weekly income for each £250 capital over the £6,000 amount. You will not be eligible for Council Tax Support if you are working age and have capital in excess of £6000.

If your capital goes up or down remember to tell us about this in writing and provide evidence. We may ask to see receipts or proof of any major purchases.

Applicable amounts

Each year the Government sets an applicable amount. This figure is meant to be the amount that you need for weekly living expenses. We use this figure to work out your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

If your income is less than your applicable amount you would normally get the maximum Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support.

Non-dependant deductions

Non-dependants are people over 18 who live with you. Under this heading we will list people over 18, their gross income and the deduction made because they live in your home. The Government sets the amounts for the deduction. There are certain cases where we will not make a deduction.