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Lord Mayor's Parlour
The Council House
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Plymouth City Council
Plymouth PL1 2AA
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01752 304858
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Armorial bearings

Coat of arms

The armorial bearings of the Corporation of Plymouth symbolise much of the history of the city. The arms display the Cross of St Andrew to whom the Mother church of Plymouth is dedicated, and also the four turrets which formed the corners of the Castle Quadrate which stood above the Barbican commanding the entrants to Sutton Pool. The description in heraldic language is Argent, a saltire vert between four towers sable.

The Crest is a blue naval crown with a red anchor held in a golden lions paw. Two other naval crowns form collars for the lion supporters. Both crown and anchor were part of the crest of the former County Borough of Devonport. Here is represented the part which the Royal Navy has played in the life of the city.

Plymouth City Council corporate mark

The current city identity mark derives from elements of the armorial bearings