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You will find everything you need here to help you understand and use the competency framework and performance appraisal system.

Latest news - August 2010

Competency-linked pay

Appraisals are happening across the Council and the deadline for completion is 31 August 2010. Please talk to your manager if you have not had an appraisal since 1 April 2010 and do not have one booked for August 2010.

The Council and trade unions have now agreed to implement competency-linked pay. This means that instead of awarding automatic salary increment (increases), Council employees on NJC (green book) terms and conditions will receive these increases if they 'meet expectations' or 'exceed expectations' in their competency appraisal.

The outcome of your appraisal between April 2010 and August 2010 will determine whether or not you get an incremental salary increase in October 2010.

Recently added questions include what to do if you disagree with your appraisal rating or how this affects you if you are at the top of your band, a new starter or on maternity leave.

If you need more information, visit the frequently asked questions page.

If you still have unanswered questions, please ask your line manager, or email

Latest news - April 2010

A new, improved competency based appraisal

There have been several changes to the appraisal system to make it a more simple and effective process. In particular, there have been two key changes:

  1. We have streamlined the wording of the competencies so, although it still tells us all the same important guidance on the standards expected of us, there is approximately a third less text to read.
  2. The appraisal process has been changed, so that each of us will be given a simple two or three side ‘self appraisal’ form that will contain all of the information we need to review our performance and give input to our appraisals.

Other changes include updated guidance notes and frequently asked questions, an interim appraisal form and a 360 degree appraisal form.

The competency framework handbook has also been updated and is available on the documents and guidance page.