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Electric car

Cleaner vehicles strategy

There is growing concern with regard to the environmental impacts of climate change, both now and for the longer term. The transport sector is the primary contributor to the problem. National and European governments and international agencies have sought to address the impact of greenhouse gases from the transport industry as a priority.

At a local level the Local Transport Plan (LTP) recognises the contribution that vehicles powered by more environmentally-friendly fuels to conventional petrol and diesel vehicles can have in enabling the city to meet its economic and environmental objectives.

To ensure that appropriate attention and priority is given a Cleaner Vehicles Strategy (CVS) has been produced. The CVS will provide the framework to allow increased public use of low emission vehicles in the city with a number of actions to help guide and support this.

The CVS has a strong focus on electric cars because this is widely acknowledged as the technology that offers the best emission figures when compared to the other technologies available and has been given the greatest level of investment from the Government to accelerate use and ownership.

The availability of publicly-accessible charging infrastructure at key destinations is essential to increasing electric vehicle use. Therefore, included as part of the CVS is a proposed programme for the provision of publicly-accessible charging infrastructure for electric vehicles at key sites in the city.

Public consultation

Public consultation on the draft Cleaner Vehicles Strategy is now closed.

Plymouth Public Sector Charge Point Bid

The Council was successful in its bid to the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) for grant funding to install charging facilities for electric cars at many of the city's key sites. The bid was developed in partnership with Amey PLC, Plymouth NHS Trust, Plymouth Community Healthcare and City College Plymouth. The aim of the funding is to accelerate electric vehicles becoming part of organisations vehicle fleets and to enable staff and customers to charge their vehicles whilst at work or visiting the premises. Many of the charge points sites will also be accessible to the general public.

For more details visit our electric vehicle chargepoints page.

Rapid Charge Points

The Council was also a partner to Cornwall Council's Rapid Charge project that was also successful in securing OLEV funding. Rapid charge facilities are to be installed at 16 sites across the south west including the Theatre Royal car park and the Eden Project.

For more details visit our rapid charger page.

Domestic Off Street Charge Point Grant Funding

The OLEV have extended to 31 March 2016 their grant funding stream to homeowners who wish to install dedicated off street charging facilities for electric and plug-in vehicles. A maximum of £700 can be claimed for each chargepoint installed until March 2016. The guidance on how to claim is available below.

To support this a list of accredited charge point suppliers is also available on the GOV.UK website.