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    Secondary School Admissions

    Grammar and aptitude tests arrangements

    For entry in 2014

    Admission authorities in Plymouth consult on their admission arrangements for entry in September 2014. The consultation on the arrangements takes place between January and the end of February 2013. Once responses have been considered, admission arrangements will be determined and published on 1 May 2013.

    Grammar School admissions

    Places at grammar schools are allocated according to performance in an entrance test. In order to be considered for a place at a grammar school, all candidates must sit the entrance test. Parents will need to complete a registration process to enter their child for the 11-plus test. Only candidates who have registered and sat the 11-plus examination at the required time and who have submitted an application for a school place by 31 October 2013 will be included in the first allocation round notified on 1 March 2014. It is anticipated that all grammar school places will be filled in the first allocation round. Generally, candidates who either apply late or who take the 11-plus examination later will not be included in the initial allocation round.

    In order for your child to be included in the 11-plus examination and the first allocation round, you must register for the examination during the summer.


    The registration process is open between 15 April and 6 September 2013.

    Plymouth girls' grammar schools

    If you are seeking a place at either Devonport High School for Girls or Plymouth High School for Girls, you will need to register with the Council.

    The registration form can be completed online from 15 April 2013. We are aware that some people are experiencing problems with the online registration. If you are unable to complete the form online, please either contact us on 01752 307469 so that we can complete it on your behalf or print the paper form below and return it to us.

    You will need to submit two recent passport type photographs of your daughter portraying her head and shoulders. These need to be certified by a professional body as a true likeness (usually her class teacher). Please submit the photographs by post to School Admissions, Education Learning and Family Support, Civic Centre, Plymouth PL1 2AA or hand deliver them to School Admissions, Windsor House, Derriford, Plymouth PL6 5UF.

    Plymouth boys' grammar schools

    If you are seeking a place at Devonport High School for Boys, you will need to register with the school. Further details are available on the Devonport High School for Boys website.

    The 11-plus examination

    The 11-plus examination will take place over two Saturdays on 21 and 28 September 2013.

    • The examination for entry to either Devonport High School for Girls or Plymouth High School for Girls is made up of two tests. The admission authorities for those schools have consulted on a change to their test procedures for entry in 2014. The intent is that the examination should comprise a Maths test and an English test (as opposed to the Maths and Verbal Reasoning tests used for entry in 2013). Each girl will also sit a locally set English paper but this does not count in the final marks, it is used only in cases of dispute. The same tests apply to both schools.
    • The examination for entry to Devonport High School for Boys is made up of three tests: a written English test, a Maths test and a comprehension test.

    11-plus results

    The results of the 11-plus examination will be sent to parents on different days depending on whether the candidate is a boy or a girl.

    • Boys results will be issued on 16 October 2013
    • Girls results will be issued on 14 October 2013

    The results of the examination will not confirm that a place will be offered. The letter is intended to allow parents time to make an informed choice of school before the closing date for secondary applications on 31 October.

    Offer letters will be issued on the national offer date of 1 March 2014

    Mock (Practice examinations)

    Mock examinations are organised by the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) at the individual schools and do not form part of the 11-plus admission arrangements. Participation in the mock examination process is not compulsory. Registration is through the individual schools. Further information will be available from the schools direct.

    Aptitude tests

    If the school is oversubscribed, Plymouth School of Creative Arts will offer a number of places according to performance in aptitude tests. If you wish to apply for this school and wish your child to be considered under the aptitude criteria, you will need to register with the school direct to take the test. Registration takes place between 15 April 2013 and 30 June 2013. The aptitude test will take place on Saturday 13 July 2013 and the result will be sent to parents on 1 October 2013.

    School open events

    Secondary schools in Plymouth will arrange open evenings for parents in September and October so that parents can look around the school and ask any questions of the staff before submitting the application for a school place. Details of the open evenings will be in the Next Step Parents Guide available from 2 September 2013.

    School may also arrange events during the summer term. Please contact the schools direct for information about these events.

    Application for a school place

    You will need to apply to your home local authority for a school place by 31 October 2013. If you live in Plymouth, you can complete your application online from 2 September 2013.

    Notification of school place allocation

    You will be notified of the allocated school on 1 March which is the national offer date. Only at that stage will you know whether your child has been successful in securing a place at a grammar school.

    Timeline for grammar school and aptitude applications




    11-plus registration opens 15 April 2013 15 April 2013
    Aptitude registration opens 15 April 2013 15 April 2013
    Practice (mock) exam 15 June 2013 6 July 2013
    Practice (mock) results 26 June 2013 15 July 2013
    Aptitude registration closes 30 June 2013 30 June 2013
    Aptitude test 13 July 2013 13 July 2013
    11-plus registration closes 6 September 2013 6 September 2013
    Test date 1

    21 September

    Written English

    21 September

    English comprehension

    Test date 2

    28 September 2013

    Maths and English comprehension (2 separate papers)

    28 September 2013

    Maths and local English test (2 separate papers)

    Aptitude test results notified 1 October 2013 1 October 2013
    11-plus result letter posted 16 October 2013 14 October 2013
    Latest date to submit a school place application form 31 October 2013 31 October 2013
    School place allocation letter 1 March 2014 1 March 2014