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Gypsies and travellers


Report an unauthorised Gypsy or Traveller site

Gypsies and travellers have always been a part of our community. Over the recent years many of the traditional stopping places have been lost and this has led to a growing conflict between the settled community and gypsies and travellers seeking a place to stay.

Constantly moving on gypsy/traveller families is seen as rather a blunt instrument for dealing with unauthorised encampments. Our greater awareness of nomadism and our aim to embrace diversity within our community requires us to look for more creative solutions.

The Council has a legal duty to provide official sites to accommodate gypsies and travellers.

Plymouth City Council's approach

Plymouth is working hard to develop a workable solution to what is often both an emotive and sensitive issue. We work closely with our adjoining counties to develop a productive and proactive approach.

The City Council aims to find solutions through negotiation and liaison, using legal action as a last resort. Everyone wants a solution but we must all be a part of that solution.


All public bodies are required to take into account issues of health, education and welfare of those encamped and balance this against the 'level of nuisance' created by the encampment. Unauthorised camping is often dealt with as a joint approach between Plymouth City Council, Devon and Cornwall Police, Devon Travellers Education Service, and the National Health Service.

Equality impact assessment (EIA)

You can view our EIA on future gypsy and traveller site provision on our equality impact assessment page.