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Mail :
The Electoral Registration Office
Department for Corporate Support
Plymouth City Council
Plymouth PL1 2AA
Phone :
01752 304866/304936
Email :
Fax :
01752 304819



Don't lose your voice - register to vote

Don't lose your voice - register to vote

Most residents over the age of 18 living in Plymouth are entitled to vote and can influence key decisions made by the Council. Visit our eligibility page for more information.

Registering to vote is easier than you may think, all you have to do is complete the registration form below and send it back to us.

If you do not register, you can't vote and have your say on important issues that affect you.

You will also need to complete the registration form if your details have changed - this includes a new address or if you've recently changed your name. Registering for council tax at your new address will not mean you have been entered onto the register. If you are already on the register your new details will not be automatically updated.

How to register

Download and print the registration form below. Please remember to include your address on the form.

The form requires a signature and therefore will need to be completed by hand.

Once completed return by post to The Electoral Registration Office, Plymouth City Council, Plymouth PL1 2AA.

You can pick up a paper copy of the form from the Civic Centre or from any of our libraries. Alternatively you can ask for one to be sent to you by calling the Electoral Office on 01752 304866.

For more information on voting visit our elections and voting page.


If you are a student studying away from home, at university or college, you can register in your home town as well as in Plymouth as long as you do not vote twice.

Members of HM Forces

Members of HM forces have the option of completing a civilian style registration form or completing a service declaration.

All service declarations are now valid for five years. If you wish to complete a service declaration you should contact the electoral registration office.

Alternatively you can download the service declaration from the About my Vote website. The spouse of a serving member of HM Forces may also make use of these options.

Permanently opt out of the edited register

You can request to have your details permanetly excluded from the edited register.

Please print off and return the permanent opt out form below to Electoral Registration Office, Civic Centre, Plymouth PL1 2AA.