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Mail :
The Electoral Registration Office
Department for Corporate Support
Plymouth City Council
Plymouth PL1 2AA
Phone :
01752 304866/304936
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Fax :
01752 304819


Plymouth wards

The city is divided into 20 wards and three parliamentary constituencies. The total Electorate for the City of Plymouth is 180,693.

Wards Electorate  Wards  Electorate
Budshead 9,231 Plympton Chaddlewood 6,166
Compton  8,372 Plympton Erle 6,880
Devonport 9,637 Plympton St Mary 10,154
Drake 6,339 Plymstock Dunstone 9,526
Efford and Lipson 9,350 Plymstock Radford 9,619
Eggbuckland 10,200 St Budeaux 9,599
Ham 9,245 St Peter and The Waterfront 9,726
Honicknowle 10,062 Southway 9,859
Moor View 9,041 Stoke 9,028
Peverell 9,987 Sutton and Mount Gould 8,672

Parliamentary Constituency Wards in Constituency Electorate
Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport Devonport, Stoke, Peverell, Compton, Drake, St Peter and the Waterfront, Sutton and Mount Gould and Efford and Lipson 71,111
Plymouth, Moor View Ham, St Budeaux, Honicknowle, Budshead, Southway, Moor View and Eggbuckland 67,237
South West Devon (Plymouth area only)# Plympton Chaddlewood, Plympton St Mary, Plympton Erle, Plymstock Radford, Plymstock Dunstone 42,345

# The remainder of the South West Devon Constituency is made up with wards from South Hams District Council.

* All Electorates correct as of 1 April 2014, and are based on the local election franchise.