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    Plymouth City Council election results 2010

    Elections took place on Thursday 6 May 2010.

    Budshead - turnout 60.1 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Mathew Beynon The Liberal Democrats 1,024 No
    Thelma Rose Mappin Dinham UK Independence Party 623 No
    Mike Fox Labour and Co-operative Party 2,012 No
    Grant Monahan The Conservative Party 2,077 Yes

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    Compton - turnout 68.15 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Josie Bannon Green Party 278 No
    Michael Robert Cooke UK Independence Party 545 No
    Ted Fry The Conservative Party 2,698 Yes
    Chaz Singh The Labour Party 1,358 No
    Steven Smith The Liberal Democrats 1,560 No

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    Devonport - turnout 54 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    John Michael Brooks The Liberal Democrats 1,074 No
    Syd Brooks UK Independence Party 573 No
    Betty Gray The Conservative Party 1,461 No
    Andrew Robert Pratt Green Party 127 No
    William John Stevens Labour and Co-operative Party 1,820 Yes

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    Drake - turnout 55.16 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Michael Ellison UK Independence Party 159 No
    Sam Remmer Independent 89 No
    Steven Ricketts The Conservative Party 984 Yes
    John David Smith The Labour Party 613 No
    Colin Trier Green Party 170 No
    Rebecca Trimnell The Liberal Democrats 832 No

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    Efford and Lipson - turnout 57.81 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Elsie Clark The Liberal Democrats 1,201 No
    Andy Ford The Conservative Party 1,387 No
    Alison Green Green Party 333 No
    David Michael Haydon The Labour Party 1,950 Yes
    Andy Kerswell Independent 357 No
    Pauline Pearl Murphy The Labour Party 1,903 Yes
    Mary Orchard The Conservative Party 1,219 No
    David Salmon UK Independence Party 641 No
    Margaret Louise Storer Independent 110 No
    Rebecca Tidy The Liberal Democrats 1,072 No

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    Eggbuckland - turnout 67.6 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Ian David Bowyer The Conservative Party 2,691 Yes
    Lee Finn Independent 405 No
    Ken Morrish The Labour Party 1,969 No
    Emma Jane Pedlar The Liberal Democrats 1,256 No
    Roger Kenneth Thomas UK Independence Party 625 No

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    Ham - turnout 57.8 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Colin Bannon Green Party 96 No
    Stewart Campbell The Liberal Democrats 920 No
    Ian Gordon The Labour Party 2,252 Yes
    John Read UK Independence Party 717 No
    Bethan Mary Roberts The Conservative Party 1,434 No
    Mark John West Independent 164 No

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    Honicknowle - turnout 55.4 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Roy Cook British National Party 312 No
    Stephen Goldthorp The Liberal Democrats 920 No
    Stephen John Hoffman UK Independence Party 663 No
    Paul Rielly The Conservative Party 1,265 No
    Nicky Williams The Labour Party 2,407 Yes

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    Moor View - turnout 64.7 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Nicola Bannon Green Party 109 No
    Andrew Brett Campbell The Liberal Democrats 1,123 No
    Michael John Foster The Conservative Party 1,966 No
    Herbert Adolphus Sandford UK Independence Party 591 No
    Mike Wright The Labour Party 2,206 Yes

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    Peverell - turnout 71.22 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Gavin Shaun Fennell Green Party 270 No
    Martin Edward Leaves The Conservative Party 2,871 Yes
    Emma Jane Swann The Liberal Democrats 1,769 No
    Jon Taylor The Labour Party 1,782 No
    Bernard John Toolan Vivamus - Let us live 23 No
    Christopher Vitali UK Independence Party 465 No

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    Plympton Chaddlewood - turnout 64.07 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Val Burns Labour and Co-operative Party 781 No
    Jonathan Brian Frost UK Independence Party 393 No
    Glenn Robert Jordan The Conservative Party 1,816 Yes
    Michael Symons The Liberal Democrats 970 No

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    Plympton St Mary - turnout 70.27 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Bill Baser UK Independence Party 639 No
    Ross James Burns Labour and Co-operative party 1,424 No
    David John James The Conservative Party 3,597 Yes
    Catherine Symons The Liberal Democrats 1,427 No

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    Plymstock Dunstone - turnout 70.6 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Vivien Anne Pengelly The Conservative Party 3,363 Yes
    Alan John Skuse UK Independence Party 763 No
    Richard Smith The Liberal Democrats 1,578 No
    Roger Williams The Labour Party 1,235 No

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    Plymstock Radford - turnout 68.3 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Roger Porter Bullock UK Independence Party 613 No
    Roger Victor Dodd Independent 828 No
    Wendy Foster The Conservative Party 2,681 Yes
    Steven Lemin Labour and Co-operative Party 1,092 No
    Ian Veater The Liberal Democrats 1,463 No

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    St Budeaux - turnout 56.9 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Bailey Sam The Liberal Democrats 905 No
    Paul Daniel Bedson UK Independence Party 696 No
    Sally Bowie The Labour Party 2,226 Yes
    Frederick Francis Alfred Brimacombe The Conservative Party 1,450 No
    Nick Byrne Green Party 105 No
    Paul Colwill Independent 79 No

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    St Peter and The Waterfront - turnout 52.81 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Carol Ann Ellmers The Conservative Party 1,525 No
    Hugh Janes The Liberal Democrats 1,096 No
    Sue McDonald The Labour Party 1,689 Yes
    Sean James O'Kane UK Independence Party 398 No
    Ray Rees Independent 102 No
    Matt Slaughter Green Party 190 No

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    Southway - turnout 63.9 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Tom Browne The Conservative Party 2,183 Yes
    Fern Burgess UK Independence Party 678 No
    Marion Roch The Liberal Democrats 1,029 No
    David Alan Weekes The Labour Party 2,160 No

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    Stoke - turnout 64.55 per cent

    Candidates Party Votes Elected
    Paul Alan Brown-Church The Liberal Democrats 1,335 No
    Philippa Davey The Labour Party 1,880 No
    Jill Eileen Dolan The Conservative Party 2,030 Yes
    John Victor Elliott UK Independence Party 542 No
    Wendy Miller Green Party 209 No

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    Sutton and Mount Gould - turnout 57.60 per cent

    Candidates Party No. of Votes Elected
    Mary Elizabeth Aspinall Labour and Co-operative Party 1,911 Yes
    Tean Jane Mitchell Green Party 283 No
    Edmund Harold Shillabeer The Conservative Party 1,493 No
    Jonquil Patricia Webber UK Independence Party 468 No
    Peter York The Liberal Democrats 1,549 No

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