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The Lord Mayor of Plymouth

Lord Mayoralty

The grant of dignity of Lord Mayor was announced on 6 May 1935 thus:

The King, on the recommendation of the Home Secretary, has been graciously pleased to command that in commemoration of his Majesty's Silver Jubilee, the Chief Magistrate, now and for the time being, of the City of Plymouth, shall bear the style and title Lord Mayor.

Candidates for Lord Mayor

Section 3(1) of the Local Government Act, 1972 requires a candidate for the position of Lord Mayor to be a Member of the City Council.

Sections 5(1) and 5(2) of the Local Government Act, 1972 require that candidates for the post of Deputy Lord Mayor must also be a Member of the City Council.

In Plymouth, it is traditional for the position of Lord Mayor to alternate annually between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party (the two main political parties making up the City Council), irrespective of the overall political control of the Council.

Election of Lord Mayor

Each year the City Council appoints a Lord Mayor Selection Committee (usually of six members of the Council) to receive a nomination for a suitable person to fill the position of Lord Mayor for the ensuing year. A nomination is made to the Selection Committee and, if accepted, is submitted to the full City Council for endorsement.

It is the practice in Plymouth for the Lord Mayor to nominate the Deputy Lord Mayor.

The election of the Lord Mayor takes place officially at the Annual Meeting of the City Council which is held in The Guildhall, Plymouth, on the third Friday in May each year. Attendance at the ceremony is by invitation but, space permitting, a limited number of tickets are made available to the public following application to the Lord Mayor's Parlour.