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    Jubilee Cream Maker

    Jubilee cream maker

    This cream maker, made from Bakelite, steel and glass, dates from the 1930s. It belonged to the Elliott family who ran a grocer’s shop in Saltash from 1903 to 1995.

    The shop was located at 27/29 Lower Fore Street, Saltash and is currently run as the Elliott Shop Museum by the Tamar Protection Society. The last surviving family member, Francis Ede Elliott, ceased trading in 1973 as he disliked the idea of decimalisation and then ran the shop as a museum. He handed it over to the Tamar Protection Society in 1995, just one day before he died.

    Items from the Elliotts came to the City Museum and Art Gallery in 1996. The Elliott Collection, as this group of objects is now known, contains furniture, toilet articles, magazines and brochures, receipts and invoices, personal correspondence, advertising, domestic and other items.

    It forms part of our social history collection which, through our ‘Stories from the Stores’ project, is currently undergoing a massive review.

    Instructions for making 8oz of cream (measure your quantities accurately for the best results):

    1. Put 4oz of milk in a saucepan and add 4oz of sweet unsalted butter which has been cut into several pieces.
    2. Heat slowly until the butter has melted but take care not to let the milk boil.
    3. Pour the hot mixture from the saucepan into the top cup and pump through the cream maker into the base.
    4. Stir two or three times before putting the mixture in a cool place or refrigerator until it is cold and ready to serve. You will find that it thickens as it cools.