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The Southern Party, 1911 © Plymouth City Council (Arts and Heritage)

From Plymouth to Pole

This extremely popular exhibition was on show at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery from 14 January to 14 April 2012.

The exhibition itself was rich in original, rare and evocative objects and images. Why not take a look at our photostream to see what it looked like?

The city's own small but unique collection of Scott and 'Heroic Age' material can usually be seen on display in our 'Plymouth: Port and Place' gallery.

Thanks to Heritage Lottery funding the graphics for the exhibition are available as pdf files on our Scott of the Antarctic microsite.

Exhibition background

Robert Falcon Scott was born in Devonport, Plymouth. There are other local associations with the 'Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration' - notably through the Royal Navy and the involvement of the Marine Biological Association (MBA), organisations that are rooted in Plymouth. The city is also home to the National Memorial to Captain Scott and the Polar Party.

This exhibition marked the centenary of Scott reaching the South Pole and commemorated his death. The focus was on Scott, his two expeditions and their scientific achievement. At the same time, the exhibition sought to highlight some of the very significant Plymouth associations and contributions to Antarctic exploration in the 'Heroic Age'.

Because the exhibition promoted and encouraged public interest in Antarctic heritage, the city received a £5000 grant from the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT). Thanks to UKAHT the exhibition was even bigger and better.

Entitled From Plymouth to Pole; Scott, Science and the Men who Sailed South, the Scott 100 exhibition was seen by over 21,000 visitors.