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    Secondary School Admissions

    Apply for a secondary transfer place to start in Year 7 in September 2014

    How does this work?

    • If you live in Plymouth, you can apply online for a secondary transfer place for your child.
    • Once you have created an online application account, you can apply for up to three schools (your first, second and third preferences).
    • Some schools (mainly faith schools) also ask you to complete additional paper forms that must be sent directly to them.

    Step 1

    Find the three schools you are interested in on our find a school page.

    Read the relevant admission criteria for each school. All of the information that you need to know about applying for a school place including the school admission criteria, process timetable and school contact details are in the Next Step Parents Guide below.

    If the school has supplementary forms, download them. Some schools (mainly faith schools and some academies) require you to send additional forms directly to them.

    Step 2

    Register and apply online. Please remember the password that you create as you will need this every time that you log into your account. Once you have applied, you will receive an email confirmation. Please keep this email.

    Complete and send any supplementary forms directly to the school.

    If you do not wish to apply online, you can download the Common Application Form below.

    Step 3

    You can go back into your account any time up until the close date to amend your application. If you do this, please remember to re-submit your application and to make sure that you keep the confirmation email.

    We will post a letter to you on 3 March 2014 to tell you which school your child has been allocated. This means that you will not receive the letter until after 3 March 2014. If you applied online you will receive an email on 3 March 2014 to tell you the allocation. You can also sign back into your account on that date to view the allocation.

    Need help?

    Visit our help and advice page for further information about choosing and applying for schools.

    The co-ordinated admission scheme document below explains how Plymouth will co-ordinate the admissions of all of the schools in Plymouth.

    The 'Next Stop' leaflet will give you information about bus transport to schools.

    PDF icon Next Stop [71KB]