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Abandoned vehicles

It is an offence to abandon a vehicle, motorcycle, trailer, caravan, boat on a trailer or anything that has formed part of a motor vehicle on any land in the open air or on a highway.

A Fixed Penalty Notice of £200 may be issued to the person responsible for abandoning a vehicle.

Report an abandoned vehicle

We have a duty to investigate alleged abandoned vehicles and, if appropriate, arrange for their removal and disposal if no one claims ownership.  If you have recently had a legal notice attached to your vehicle, you should contact us immediately.

Vehicle Tax

Vehicles no longer have to display a valid tax disc.  However, they do still need to be taxed.  

You can check if a vehicle is taxed by looking on Vehicle Enquiry Service website

The DVLA have a duty to remove with vehicles that are untaxed.  Untaxed vehicles are not the responsibility of Plymouth City Council.

If a vehicle is out of tax by more than 31 days, this should be reported to the DVLA at NSL Services on 03300 087881.