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Environmental Services
Plymouth City Council
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01752 668000
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Graffiti and flyposting

We want to make Plymouth an attractive place to work, visit and live and are committed to stopping illegal fly posting and graffiti.

Report graffiti or flyposting

We aim to remove offensive graffiti within one hour of it being reported during normal working hours and as soon as possible out of normal working hours.


We provide a fast-track graffiti and fly posting removal service for shop owners and retailers. If you want graffiti or fly posting removed from your shop frontage, please contact us.

Entertainment venues or promoters

It is illegal to fly post on private property, structures, paving and street furniture - we will prosecute those responsible.

If you wish to advertise an event please consider using our poster drums. The standard charge for using the five drums available in the city centre is £18 including VAT per week. Payment can be made by cash or card (cheques are not accepted).

If you know a venue that continues to use fly posters please contact us with the locations. We will gather the necessary evidence and if necessary bring a prosecution.


We take fly posting extremely seriously and will prosecute companies that do not remove illegal fly posters from their premises. Please advise us where illegal fly posters or graffiti need to be removed.


If you are responsible for junction boxes, or similar, it is your responsibility to ensure they are regularly cleaned. This is explained within the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992 Act. Consider using anti-fly posting and graffiti treatments (which make it difficult to stick posters or graffiti paint to them).

Removal tips

There are a wide range of graffiti removal products available on the market; however care should be taken to follow the manufacturer's instructions and health and safety guidelines.

White spirit or methylated spirit should remove most paints and marker pen ink but do not use abrasive materials, or cleaners. Alternatively, painting over graffiti is a cheap, quick, non-damaging and sustainable solution.

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