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Planning and Regeneration
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Plymouth City Council
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Business Plan

If you want to know what the Planning Service sees as its priorities and what we will be doing over the next three years then look at the Planning Services Business Plan 2011 to 2014. The Business Plan contains:

An overview - containing the Planning Service mission statement, objectives, service profile, our 'golden thread', core functions, service improvement priorities, values and unit plans.

Where are we now? - containing our past performance on customer satisfaction, priority actions, service performance indicators and national best value performance indicators. It also contains our key future challenges and future risks.

Where do we want to be? - containing our contribution to corporate improvement priorities and our future service improvement indicators and targets, including those from the national indicator set that we are responsible for.

How do we get there? - containing our budget and resources.

How will we know we are getting there? - containing our future plans for improvement and key priority actions for 2011 to 2014.