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Sustainable Neighbourhoods (including Key Site Allocations) Development Plan Document

The Sustainable Neighbourhoods (including Key Site Allocations) Development Plan Document will show all the major sites, which are not included within the Area Action Plans (AAP), that might be required to meet Plymouth's needs for homes, jobs, shopping, recreation as well as gypsy and traveller sites – as outlined in the Core Strategy.

This document is important, as it will cover every neighbourhood in the city.

As well as looking at the citywide perspective, it will also include:

  • Suggestions to guide development that will address the needs of local communities.
  • Identify areas that need protection to ensure that development will be resisted or carefully controlled where appropriate.

Where we are

Consultation pamphlets were prepared for each of the neighbourhoods across the city. They highlighted issues that were raised in relation to Plymouth's neighbourhoods, and also set out suggested key principles which could be used to help guide future changes.

A consultation was run from 16 February until 30 March 2011.

A large number of comments were received throughout this consultation and these will be taken into account during the next stage of preparation of the Sustainable Neighbourhoods DPD.

The Council has now viewed all of the comments individually and has published documents which summarise the comments received for each neighbourhood.

You can view the Sustainable Neighbourhood Pamphlets along with the comments that were made, on the Issues and Preferred Options page.