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Help navigating the website

Navigate the website using access keys

Our website has been designed so that you can navigate to certain pages through the use of keyboard shortcuts otherwise known as access keys.

Access keys work slightly differently depending upon the browser and operating system you are using.

Access key list

Below is the list of ten assigned access keys and what page that access key will open.

  • 0 - Access keys
  • 1 - Homepage
  • 2 - Contact us
  • 3 - A to Z
  • 4 - Sitemap
  • 5 - Advanced search
  • 6 - Not in use
  • 7 - Not in use
  • 8 - Not in use
  • 9 - Terms and conditions

Access keys and how to use them

Unfortunately, different browsers use access keys in different ways. In general you need to hold down a key or two, and then press the access key you want.

Using access keys on Internet Explorer (version 5 or above) on a PC please hold Alt and the relevant access key, followed by enter.

Using access keys on Internet Explorer (version 5 or above) on a Mac please press and hold Ctrl and the access key.

Using access keys on Firefox please hold down Shift, Alt and the relevant access key.

Using access keys in Opera please hold down Shift and Esc. Then release both keys and press the relevant access key.

Please note: If you are using a different browser than the ones mentioned above, please refer to your web browsers 'help' menu for information on how to activate access keys.

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