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Private housing

We work hard to improve housing conditions for people in Plymouth, protecting their health, safety and well-being. This is regardless of whether they are tenants (of private landlords or housing associations) or owner occupiers, freeholders or leaseholders or if the house is occupied or empty.

Empty homes in Plymouth

Helping to ensure homes are not empty and used in the most productive way. Includes information about HouseLet scheme, EasyLet, empty home owner incentives, empty homes enforcement and vacant shops.

Home maintenance

For most people their home is the most important investment they will ever make. Look after your home and home will look after you.


Most of the information on this page is for use by leaseholders. However, freeholders will also find the information helpful.


We recognise the importance of private landlords in meeting the housing needs of the city. We will work with you to ensure that Plymouth has sufficient safe and healthy housing to meet the needs of its people.


Most landlords want to manage their property and tenancies properly. It is in their financial interest to have the rental income and the increase in value of a well maintained house.

Enforcement powers

We have a variety of enforcement powers available to ensure private accommodation in the city meets minimum standards. The main pieces of legislation are the Housing Acts and the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Fire safety

Both landlords and owner occupiers should ensure that there is adequate fire warning (fire alarm or fire alarm system) for all homes

Gas safety

All gas installations and fittings must be safe. Poorly maintained and fitted appliances can cause gas explosions.