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Gas safety

Gas safety

All gas installations and fittings must be safe. Poorly maintained and fitted appliances can cause gas explosions. They can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning which results in the death of about 14 people every year.

All installation works, service, gas safety checking and maintenance must be carried out by a competent gas fitter. This means that they must:

  • Be named on the Gas Safe Register
  • Be listed on that register as being qualified to carry out the relevant works.

You should report anyone working illegally. They pose a risk to your safety and the safety of others. To report someone working illegally call 0800 408 5500.

All Gas Safe registered fitters carry identification cards confirming that they are registered and stating the works that they are qualified for. An example of an identification card is shown below:

Ask to see this card before work is carried out.

Gas Safe replaced Corgi registration in April 2009. Since that date every gas fitter must be Gas Safe registered.

The Gas Safe Register will give you more information about finding approved gas fitters and general gas safety.


Landlords have specific duties to maintain their houses. Their gas fittings and system must, by law, be checked every 12 months and tenants given a copy of the safety certificate. Tenants should also be given a copy of the current safety certificate when they move in to the property.

Landlords must also ensure that the fittings and system are maintained in a safe condition between gas safety checks.

Further information for landlords is shown below:


Where a tenant has problems with the landlord not maintaining gas fittings, or not having them properly checked by a Gas Safe registered fitter they can contact the Private Rented Team for advice.

Tenants should ask to see the fitters Gas Safe identity card, and should check that the cardholder is competent for the works to be carried out. This should be done before work is started.

Tenants should cooperate with their landlords to allow access for safety checks and other maintenance to be carried out.


Gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning

Act quickly and take the following safety steps:

  • Open all doors and windows to ventilate the room. Get fresh air immediately.
  • Switch off the appliance and do not reuse until it has been checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • Shut off the gas supply at the mains (if you know where this is).
  • Call the National Gas Safety number on 0800 111 999.
  • Visit your GP or the hospital immediately and tell them that you believe your symptoms may be related to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out the necessary repairs to the appliance (tenants should contact their landlord).

Carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide poisoning

You can't see it, taste it or smell it but it can kill quickly and with no warning. Unsafe gas appliances produce a highly poisonous gas called Carbon Monoxide (CO). It can cause death as well as serious long-term health problems such as brain damage.

Remember the six main symptoms to look out for:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Breathlessness
  • Collapse
  • Loss of consciousness

Being aware of the symptoms could save your life.

Carbon monoxide symptoms are similar to flu, food poisoning, viral infections and simply tiredness. That’s why it's quite common for people to mistake this very dangerous poisoning for something else.

Other signs that could point to carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Your symptoms only occur when you are at home
  • Your symptoms disappear or get better when you leave home and come back when you return home
  • Others in your household are experiencing symptoms (including your pets) and they appear at a similar time

Further information about Carbon Monoxide is available on the Gas Safe Register website.

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