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Information about us

Thinking of working for Plymouth City Council, do you know what we do? This is a selection of the services we delivered last year:

  • 6000 vulnerable residents received a care support package.
  • The 1000 club helped unlock the potential of 5222 young people by helping them into work.
  • We look after 900km of road and 1200km of footway and cycle paths.
  • 2459 victims of domestic abuse received support.

And the 2015/16 budget will help deliver:

  • Joined up health and social care services to help transform the lives of thousands of people.
  • 40 extra care beds so older people can be supported in the community.
  • 200 affordable homes.
  • A world class heritage and cultural centre using £12.8m funding secured from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

For more details, see our Budget and Finances page.

Other useful information

Maintaining a safer culture, keeping vulnerable adults, children and young people safe

We have a responsibility to keep vulnerable adults, children and young people safe. If you are applying for a position working with any of these client groups, you can download more information below.

Equal opportunities

We are working towards equal opportunities for all and applicants are welcome from all sections of the community. All suitable disabled applicants and New Deal applicants are guaranteed an interview. To find out more, download our Equality and Diversity Policy below.


PLUSS offers help to people with disabilities who are looking for employment. PLUSS can help with job searching, application and interview as well as providing ongoing support when in work.

If you have a disability or health issue that affects your day to day living and would like further information please visit the PLUSS website.

Contact details

For further information, please contact our recruitment team; either call 01752 307793 or email

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