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Plymouth - Britain's Ocean City Grow Wild


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Events Team
Plymouth City Council
Plymouth PL1 2AA
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01752 668000
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What's on

There are a variety of activities, events and festivals that take place in the city throughout the year. These range from major events, which attract tens of thousands of people to the Hoe to community carnivals and fun days, held in local parks.

We list our events by month so to find out what's happening please click on the month you're interested in:

The Events Team can give support, help and advice on all aspects of events. For further information please contact us at


City events

Find an event taking place in the city.


Plymouth libraries

Find an event taking place in our libraries.

    View city events page       View libray page









Museum and art gallery

Find an event taking place in our museums.


Sporting fixtures

Find a football, rugby or basketball match.

    View museum page       View sport fixtures page









Parks, nature and green spaces

Find an event taking place in our outside spaces.


Under fives

Find an event for toddlers under five.

    View green space page       View under five page


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