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A carer and an elderly woman

Carers Strategic Partnership Board

The Carers Strategic Partnership Board will monitor progress of the carers strategy, engage carers and carer organisations in the strategic planning and development of carers services across Plymouth with opportunities for joint working.

The group will actively seek the participation from carers in policy making, planning and delivery of services through engagement with carer groups.

The focus will be on services for adult carers of adults. In order to address cross cutting themes, links will be made with children services.

The objectives are:

  • To indentfy with carers and practioners through their respective forums, the gaps in services/unmet needs for carers.
  • To support the Carers Strategy Action Plan and to monitor the implementation and evaluate the success.
  • To influence and inform the commissioning of carers services and the future direction and development for carers in the city.
  • To raise awareness and promote carers needs throughout all areas of wider service provision in the city.
  • To identify particular issues that carers may face due to genders, ethnicity, culture, age and ensure these are taken into account in service provision and development.
  • To provide a co-ordinated response to the provision of carer services.
  • To share good practice, knowledge and skills across the city in order for carers to have better services.

Below are various documents related to the Carers Startegic Partnership Board.

Please note that not all documents referred to in the minutes are attached in the document due to size, however if you would liked to be emailed a copy of these please contact us.

PDF icon Carers strategy [3.6MB*]


* This is a large file and could take a long time to download.

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