What are shared lives placements?

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    Shared lives placements are living in someone’s home as part of their family; you can go stay for a short break or live there full time with them.
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    With Shared Lives South West you may be able to go and stay with a family for a short break.
    Some people go and live with a family. It may take some time to find a family for you; at times we are not able to find a suitable family for you.
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    The family will have been visited and checked.

    They may live with other people and have children in the family.

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    Shared Lives South West provides family-based care for vulnerable adults.

    They make sure that everyone that lives in the house likes the same things. They check that the families can give the right support.

    People meet first to see if they like each other. You may meet them a few times before staying overnight.

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    You will be able to do ordinary things.

    You may be able to go for a short break and then go back to your own home.

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    You may be able to go and live with them.

    Shared Lives South West is about finding the right family for you. Sometimes we will not be able to help you.

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    To find out more information about Shared Lives South West you can telephone the Plymouth office on 01752 500513

    or for the Devon and Torbay office - 01626 360170

    and for the Cornwall office - 01209 891888

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    You can also speak to:

    Your Care Manager
    Your Day Centre Officer
    Your Support Worker
    Staff at a Respite Unit

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