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Metal health

Mental health

Mental illness is a leading cause of ill health and disability and ranges from milder and more common conditions such as depression and anxiety, to the less common, but more severe conditions, such as schizophrenia, affective disorders and dementia.

Plymouth City Council Adult Social Care, NHS Plymouth and Plymouth Community Healthcare provide advice, treatment, care and on-going support to help people with mental health problems to live at home. Referrals for services are usually made by doctors through to consultant psychiatrists.

If you are new to mental health services your initial contact should be through your GP or out of hours Doctors.

If you already access mental health services the number you will need to call will be relevant to the area where you live and can be found on the Livewell Southwest website or the Plymouth Online Directory.

The Plymouth Online Directory also has a list of voluntary and Council funded services that can offer advice, information and support to people around mental health matters.