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The concept of job evaluation was originally detailed in the 1997 Single Status Agreement. The requirement for every local authority to carry out a pay and grading review formed part of the 2004 Single Status National Pay Agreement.

The purpose of this review was to ensure that pay systems are fair, clear and applied consistently, and to ensure that each Council has a modern system of pay and rewards that enable them to recruit and retain its employees.

The pay and grading review was required to be a joint process with the trade unions and required Councils to use analytical job evaluation systems to ensure equal pay for work of equal value.

Individual Councils were able to determine terms and conditions locally and in September 2008 Plymouth City Council signed a collective agreement with recognised Trade Unions, Unison, GMB and UNITE (T & G section).

The Council and the recognised Trade Unions agreed to use the NJC and Hay job evaluation schemes to conduct the review. These schemes continue to be used to grade posts under NJC terms and conditions and the grading page contains further details.

The agreement, available below provides further details of the implementation of the review and the new pay and grading structure.