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What is a risk?

Risk is the chance of something happening that will have an impact on our objectives, whether that impact is in an opportunity or a negative event.

What is risk management?

Risk management is about understanding and evaluating risks whether they are an opportunity or a threat. It is not about being risk averse. See the risk management guidance page for more information.

Why is risk management important?

If we manage risk successfully we'll be more effective and efficient which can lead to improved customer service delivery.

How do I report a risk?

Each department has a risk champion who makes sure that there is a consistent approach to identifying, evaluating and managing risks as part of our risk management Strategy. Any potential risks should be reported to your risk champion. A copy of the current risk management strategy can be found on the risk management page.

What is the process for monitoring risks?

Risks are formally monitored every six months. The results are then reported to the Corporate Management Team, Cabinet Planning and Audit Committee.

Who is my risk champion?

Risk champions are listed in the risk management contact list.

How do I apply for risk management funding?

A risk management fund is available to help towards risk reduction plans. Details on the criteria and application forms can be found on the risk management guidance page.

How do I arrange risk management training?

Please see the risk management guidance page for full information on training.

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