Plain English and writing style

It is not just what we say that matters - it is also how we say it. Clear and friendly writing is more likely to be understood and acted on, so using it at all times makes good business sense. It can also help customers form a positive impression of the Council, while poorly written and presented material will reinforce a popular image of councils as being inefficient and unfriendly.

Consistency and clarity are key to good communication. This guide sets out our house style for writing and should be used by anyone writing for the Council. This may sometimes mean putting aside our personal preferences or what we were taught at school.

Publications that do not follow our house style will not be approved for print by the Design Studio or allowed on our website.

Style guide

Our style guide includes our rules for how we set out information in our documents including numbers and dates, abbreviations, use of capital letters and spellings. It also includes words that we should avoid where possible.

Please use this guide when writing anything on behalf of the Council, whether it is a letter to a customer or a leaflet or web page about our services.

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