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Parking & Marine Service
Plymouth City Council
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01752 304021
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Photo of parked cars

Parking permits

In certain areas of the city you might need a parking permit to legally park your car or vehicle.

Renew, Replace, Accept a Permit Offer or Cancel a Parking Permits - Links to a page where parking permits can be managed online

To apply for a new parking permit please select one of the following options:


Apply for a new parking permit - costs 30.


Resident visitors

Apply for a resident's visitor parking permit - costs 25.

Apply for a resident permit   Apply for a visitor permit





Available to businesses within the controlled parking zones.


Essential workers

Required for professional visits - costs 100.

Apply for a business permit   Apply for an essential permit




Parking bay hire

Includes placing a skip in a parking bay.


Season tickets

Season tickets could save you money - from 80.

Hire a parking bay   Apply for a season ticket




Pedestrian zones

A vehicle permit is required to access the city centre pedestrian zone.


Permit fraud

The fine for permit fraud abuse is up to 1,000.

Apply for city centre access   Report permit benefit fraud