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Resident parking permit - new application

Anyone who can prove they are a permanent resident within a scheme area and are in an eligible property may apply for a residents parking permit. Some properties may not be eligible due to planning restrictions so it is important you check whether you qualify before you fill out your application.

All vehicles including motorcycles are required to clearly display a valid permit in order to park. This permit does not cover caravans or trailers, which cannot be left parked in a residential bay.

Do I qualify for a permit?

Before buying or renting a property in a permit scheme, you should check the permit eligibility list below to see whether we can issue a permit for the property.

The list is a guide only and should not be viewed as definitive. We recommend that people follow the 'buyer beware' principle. This means that before signing a contract or agreement it is the applicant's responsibility to check with the seller/landlord whether the property is eligible for permits.

If we cannot issue a permit to the property and you would like further information please visit our why am I excluded? page. Please note that most new builds in Plymouth are not eligible for a permit.

How to Apply

Permits are not issued at the point of application but sent out in the post. We will process it within 14 working days as long as the correct documentation is received at the same time.

To apply for a resident parking permit you need to complete a resident parking permit application form and return it with supporting documents:

By email to The subject of the email should be vehicle registration/applicant surname.

By Post to Parking and Marine Service, Plymouth City Council, Plymouth, PL1 2AA.

In person at the Civic Centre reception, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.

Before you apply, please read the list of supporting documents you should provide below.

What information do I need to provide?

For each new application you will need to provide a completed application form, proof of residence, proof of vehicle ownership and payment.

Proof of address

One proof of residence dated within the last three months of application from the list below (please send copies only):

  • A valid signed and dated tenancy agreement confirming your name, address and tenancy period
  • A utility bill, such as gas, electric, water rates (dated within three months of the application)
  • A personal bank or building society statement (dated within three months of the application)
  • A current council tax statement
  • A residential mortgage agreement confirming your name, address and mortgage period (buy to let mortgages are not valid)

Proof of vehicle ownership

One proof of vehicle ownership from the list below (please send copies only):

  • A vehicle registration document confirming your name and vehicle registration
  • A valid motor insurance certificate confirming your name and vehicle registration
  • A garage bill of sale/invoice confirming your name and vehicle registration
  • A copy of a lease/hire agreement confirming your name, vehicle registration and rental period

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A parking permit costs £30 per year (non-refundable).

Please visit our frequently asked questions page for more information about the application process.

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