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Plymotion is a scheme that aims to make it easier for you to get around Plymouth by bus, by bike and on foot.

We have submitted a bid for more funding from Central Government for a share of £20 million to continue our work on sustainable travel. Details are available on our Transition Year page.

Through Plymotion we are offering various incentives to encourage you to try greener, cheaper and healthier ways of getting from A to B, as well as providing over 70 per cent of Plymouth’s households with their very own personal travel advisor. Independent surveys show that in the neighbourhoods we have visited so far people are walking and cycling more and know much more about the local bus services.

We are now in the final year of the four year scheme which was launched in 2012 to introduce new walking and cycling links connecting the east and west of the city, including the restoration of the former Laira Railway Bridge.

In the last three years we have completed a network of walking and cycling routes in Devonport, Stonehouse and Stoke, improved the Finnigan Road junction, completed the route from Plymouth train station to Exeter Street, delivered Personalised Travel Planning to more than 65,000 households and hosted three Skyride City events and Sky Ride Local programmes in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The Plymotion bus service, the service 14, is also up and running.

Our final year has, and still is, bringing even more to our list of achievements:

On our walking, cycling and public transport pages you can also find links to a whole range of other exciting improvements across the city which includes new cycle routes to the North of the city and much more.

These improvements will encourage and make it easier for you to travel more sustainably, whether you are on your way to work, going shopping or just getting out and about to enjoy our fantastic city and surrounding countryside.

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