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Park and ride

There are three park and ride sites in Plymouth.

  • Coypool park and ride - 200 - 11 minute journey to the city centre (Drake Circus Shopping Mall)
  • George park and ride - 100 - 22 minute journey to the city centre (Mayflower Street). PR3 - nine minute journey to Derriford Hospital (via Marjon), 14 minute journey to the Plymouth Science Park
  • Milehouse park and ride - 100 -  8 minute journey to the city centre (Mayflower Street)

In addition to the 100 service there is also the 101 service that runs from the George and Milehouse but is a slightly longer journey time. This only operates outbound from Royal Parade in the morning and inbound from the George Junction later in the afternoon.

Park and ride services depart from stops A14 on Royal Parade.

MTV Crashes Plymouth 28 and 29 July 2016

Extra park and ride buses for MTV Crashes are running from Royal Parade on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 July. Normal fares will apply on these services.

Coypool park and ride

Buses leave Royal Parade at:

  • 10.45pm
  • 10.57pm
  • 11pm
  • 11.12pm
  • 11.15pm
  • 11.27pm
  • 11.30pm
  • 11.42pm
  • 11.45pm
  • 11.57pm
  • 12am
  • 12.12am

The car park at Coypool will stay open until the last bus has returned.

George Junction park and ride

Buses leave Royal Parade at:

  • 10.50pm
  • 11.05pm
  • 11.10pm
  • 11.20pm
  • 11.25pm
  • 11.40pm

Milehouse park and ride

Buses leave Royal Parade at:

  • 10.58pm
  • 11.06pm
  • 11.13pm
  • 11.22pm
  • 11.28pm
  • 11.37pm

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