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Loud music leads to hefty fine

Not turning the volume down has proved expensive for a woman who was fined £1,015 by Plymouth magistrates.

Karla Knuth of King Street Flats, Stonehouse, pleaded guilty by post to two breaches of a noise abatement order on 10 August and 17 August.

The 18-year-old was issued with two noise nuisance orders at the beginning of August after neighbours complained about the loud music and levels of shouting and banging from her flat. But despite the warnings, she continued to play music loudly and disturb her neighbours.

The court heard how one neighbour was often forced to leave his home from 6pm to 6am in order to study at university as it was too noisy in his property to concentrate and how another often slept at friends' houses in order to get a decent night's sleep.

Magistrates ordered Knuth pay £500 for each breach and pay a victim surcharge of £15. The court ordered the forfeiture of her music equipment including a CD player, digital synthesiser tuner, a speaker, CDs and a DVD player and the Council was awarded costs of £1,200.

The Council asked for a further application to be made ordering Knuth to "not cause harassment, alarm or distress by causing or allowing the playing of amplified music, by using a television, by banging, slamming doors or shouting at a level which can be heard by persons outside any residential property at which she is residing either permanently or temporarily in Plymouth.”

The order runs for two years.

Councillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet Member for the Environment added: "We take the issue of constant noise very seriously. This lady was living in flats and her behaviour was having a significant impact on the lives of her neighbours all around her. We are pleased with the result, and hope that she will change her behaviour to give some peace to the residents nearby."

13 November 2012