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Apply for planning permission

You will need to get planning permission for most building works or changes of use of land or buildings.

View and comment on planning applications

Monitor the progress of applications, view decisions, view documents and directly comment on specific applications.

Planning Policy

Find out about the plans behind planning decisions, view and comment on planning policy documents.

Localism and Neighbourhood Planning

Find out how to draw up neighbourhood plans or development orders for your local area.

Planning delivery

Delivering policy documents by building new houses, schools or offices, making transport improvements or improving access to, and protection of, green spaces.

Planning obligations and the community infrastructure levy

Find out more about our approach to planning obligations and our plans for introducing a new community infrastructure levy in Plymouth.

The planning application process

Planning consists of a number of formal processes that are used at different stages when making a decision.

Natural environment

Nature and coastal conservation information

Building Control

Building regulation information and advice

Built environment

Design and historic environment

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Our Mission

To be one of the top performing unitary local planning authorities in England, by providing efficient services that focus on quality, innovation and the needs of our customers.

Our Plymouth Planning Pledge

Our pledge sees the specific commitments to you, our customers, on quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost which can be found in our Business Plan.

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