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Image of a building plan showing a person writting with a pencil

Planning Online Documents

Below are the available documents for the selected planning application.

Application Number: 11/01980/FUL


To view the following attachments you will require the appropriate software.
To download this software please follow this link to the downloads page

TypeDocument TitleFile SizeDate Received


Application form 102KB13/12/2011

Drawings And Images

Areas schedule 1423 (PL-)018_B 82KB13/12/2011
Block Plan 1423 (PL-)004_A 142KB13/12/2011
CGI elevations sheet 1 1423 (PL-)012_B 4015KB13/12/2011
CGI elevations sheet 2 1423 (PL-)013_B 2893KB13/12/2011
Existing site plan and roof plan 1423 (PL-)003_A 132KB13/12/2011
Lifetime homes standards plans 1423 (S-)001_B 585KB13/12/2011
Propose elevations sheet 1 1423 (PL-)010_B 2847KB13/12/2011
Propose first and second floor plans 1423 (PL-)006_C 282KB13/12/2011
Propose ground floor plan 1423 (PL-)005_C 577KB13/12/2011
Propose site plan and roof plan 1423 (PL-)002_C 400KB13/12/2011
Proposed elevations sheet 2 1423 (PL-)011_B 2096KB13/12/2011
Proposed flat types A and B 1423 (PL-)016_B 149KB13/12/2011
Proposed flat types C and D 1423 (PL-)017_B 173KB13/12/2011
Proposed third and fourth floor plans 1423 (PL-)007_C 269KB13/12/2011
Sections sheet 1 1423 (PL-)015_B 562KB13/12/2011
Site location plan 1423 (PL-)001_B 167KB13/12/2011

Supporting Information

CS20 Compliance report 432KB13/12/2011
Design and access statement part 1 2484KB13/12/2011
Design and access statement part 2 3452KB13/12/2011
Design and access statement part 3 4696KB13/12/2011
Flood risk assessment 2338KB13/12/2011
Habitat and bat survey revision 1 195KB13/12/2011
Phaes I desk study report part 1 3064KB13/12/2011
Phase I desk study report part 2 2826KB13/12/2011
Phase I desk study report part 3 321KB13/12/2011


Consultation response 64KB01/02/2012
Consultation Response - English Heritage 321KB05/03/2012
Consultation Response - Environment Agency 16KB06/02/2012
Consultation Response - Police Architectural Liason 30KB19/01/2012
Letter of representation - single 1005KB17/02/2012
Letter of Representation - Single 354KB01/02/2012
Letter of Representation - Single 152KB07/02/2012
Letter of Representation - Single 145KB07/02/2012
Letter of Representation - Single 106KB07/02/2012
Letter of Representation - Single 143KB07/02/2012
Letter of Representation - Single 177KB23/02/2012
Letter of Representation - Single 165KB23/02/2012
Letter of Representation - Single 98KB23/02/2012
Letter of Representation (multiple) 1339KB13/02/2012
Letter of representation (single) 127KB30/01/2012
Letter of representation (single) 102KB29/02/2012
Letter of representation (single) 205KB13/03/2012
Letter of representation: multiple 306KB28/02/2012
Letter of representation: multiple 976KB02/03/2012
Letter of representation: multiple 201KB02/03/2012
Letter of Representation: Multiple 955KB15/02/2012
Letter of Representation: Multiple 2159KB15/02/2012
Letter of Representation: Multiple 762KB15/02/2012
Letter of representation: single 79KB16/02/2012
Letter of representation: single 59KB28/02/2012
Letter of representation: single 108KB23/05/2012
Letters of Representation - Multiple 347KB01/02/2012
Letters of Representation - Multiple 315KB07/02/2012
Letters of Representation - Multiple 822KB07/02/2012
Letters of Representation - Multiple 246KB27/02/2012
Letters of Representation - Multiple 247KB05/03/2012

Decision Outcome

Withdrawn letter 57KB21/03/2012