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Airport Runway

Plymouth City Airport

There has been a big debate about Plymouth City Airport since Sutton Harbour Holdings closed it last year.


A petition with over 37,000 signatures was submitted to the Council stating:

"Plymouth City Airport is a vital hub for the South West but it is due to close, like so many other UK airports to satisfy property developers.

“We need flexibility as well as investment in our transport infrastructure. Regional airports offer much greater flexibility than trains for both domestic and international air travel. With investment and the right management, Plymouth City Airport would be profitable. The state should take ownership."


At the Full Council on 24 September the Council passed the following resolution:

"Plymouth City Council firmly believes that the residents and businesses of Plymouth deserve fast, efficient and reliable transport links with the rest of the country and beyond in order for Plymouth to prosper and for its residents to enjoy the freedom of movement enjoyed by most other cities of our size in the UK.

"We therefore call on the Prime Minister and the Secretaries of State for Transport and Business Innovation and Skills to take action which would result in Plymouth Airport becoming a national asset providing a reliable and extensive commercial air network for the benefit of local residents and businesses.

"We recognise that it is not possible to protect the airport land for ever, but we will use our planning powers to protect the airport from development for as long as legally possible.

"We call on all Plymouth politicians inside and outside this chamber to support this resolution as well as the people of Plymouth and the Herald.

"We wish to demonstrate to Government the deeply felt concerns of Plymouth residents and the support they feel for the Plymouth City Airport and call upon the Herald to organise a campaign to encourage residents, employees and businesses to join me in writing to the prime Minister to express their support for what I have proposed today."


What you can do

You can show your support for the request for Government’s support by writing to the Prime Minister, write to: David Cameron, c/o Councillor Tudor Evans, Plymouth City Council, Plymouth, PL1 2AA or email