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Mail :
Plymouth Informed
Plymouth City Council
Plymouth PL1 2AA
Phone :
01752 307959
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Plymouth Informed website image of Plymouth Aquarium, copyright Motiongrafik

Plymouth Informed

Plymouth Informed provides a single point of easily accessible, up to date maps, information and statistics about the City of Plymouth.

What is Plymouth Informed?

Plymouth Informed is a local information system enabling the Plymouth 2020 Partnership and the public to track the overall progress towards improving the well-being of the city. It also allows partners including Plymouth City Council, Plymouth NHS, the Police, Department for Work and Pensions and Community and Voluntary groups to monitor their activities in order to plan and improve the delivery of local services.

What's new?

A new Plymouth Informed website is here, redeveloped by popular demand. You can view statistics and points of interest as before with the previous website, but with maps that are simpler to interpret and faster to generate. Also you can download statistical data tables and view graphs over time, access strategic reports and analysis. So please view the terms and conditions and click on the map image, below, to access the interactive mapping.

Need help?

Screenshot image of the Plymouth Informed website that hyperlinks to mapping website (opens in a new window)

Visit the Plymouth Informed website.