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Education Catering
Dept. for Children's Services
Plymouth City Council
Plymouth PL1 2AA
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School meals and education catering

School food across Plymouth is recognised nationally as being amongst the best in the Country.

We are current holders of the EDUcatering Local Authority Caterer of the Year 2013.

We were the first local authority in the country to be awarded the Soil Association's Gold Food for Life Catering mark in 2012.

We hold the Good Egg award.

We produce over 86 per cent of our menu from scratch each and every day.

The menus for primary and special schools where school lunch and other food is provided by the Education Catering Service meet all the Government requirements.

We ensure that we are at the forefront of the school food industry and national developments to support our work with our schools.

Unit managers are encouraged to become part of the school community, cooking with the children and giving their support to school events whilst the whole team seeks out feedback from the customers, attending new intake days, running tasters for parents which are vital to ensure we can promote the service.

We understand that schools have their individual needs and we work with them to ensure that we deliver the best for the school and the pupil.

We are active members of LACA (Lead Association for CAtering in education) and chair the south west region.  We sit on the Department for Education’s School Food Reference Group, work with the Children’s Food Trust and are currently working directly with the Government’s current review of school food – The School Food Plan – and supporting schools for September 2014 and the introduction of UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meals).

Along with colleagues from neighbouring authorities and across the country we are constantly looking to identify ways of delivering high quality, balanced menu choices that are also practical and popular with customers.

Visit our menus and meal prices page for this year's menu and prices.