The South West Devon Waste Partnership

The South West Devon Waste Partnership (SWDWP) is a collaboration between Plymouth City Council, Devon County Council and Torbay Council. The Partnership was formally established in 2008 under a joint working agreement approved by each of the three councils.

We first came together as a partnership in 2007 to look at the issue of waste and specifically residual waste. Residual waste is the waste that is left once all efforts to reduce and recycle have taken place.

Our aim was to provide a reliable, economic and proven solution to divert our Partnership's residual waste from landfill, reducing our carbon impact and ideally providing combined heat and power.

Why do we need to do this?

Currently, all the partnership's residual waste is being taken to landfill. However, available space is running out and it is widely accepted that environmentally, land filling is a very damaging method of waste disposal. Additionally, recent European legislation has meant that landfill has also become increasingly expensive method of waste disposal.

What has happened so far?

In brief, we looked at all the options to manage our waste, before undertaking a procurement, resulting in an energy from waste facility at Devonport, based next to North Yard. MVV was awarded the contract to build the plant, and planning permission was granted in 2011 for a 245,000 tonne facility. Construction has been going on since early 2012, with the plant nearing completion as commissioning and the final landscaping and site preparations are finished. As the project proceeds, this page will only be updated occasionally but more information about the facility and construction including frequently asked questions is available on the MVV Environment website.

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Work started onsite at the end of March 2012

MVV have set up a webcam showing the area where the main facility is being built. The picture is refreshed every 30 minutes. View the webcam on MVV's website.

Contact the Partnership

South West Devon Waste Partnership
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Tel: 01752 304953

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