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Plymouth's LDF interactive policies map

(formerly known as Plymouth's LDF interactive proposals map)

The Local Development Framework (LDF) is made up of a number of documents which together set out the vision, strategy and policies for change. These documents are accompanied by a map which shows all the policies and proposals set out in the LDF which are capable of being shown on a plan. This map is called the policies map.

Plymouth has now produced an interactive policies map which displays policies and proposals from the adopted Local Development Documents of the LDF.

When opening, the map will take a few moments to load and the LDF interactive policies map will appear at a citywide scale. All the tick boxes in the key must be ticked in order to display the full policies map.

Please use the map navigation tools to explore the map, for example, if you want to query a map layer then just click on the area, a box will then appear with the relevant information. You will notice that you are able to link directly to the relevant Local Development Document.

Those parts of the city which are not yet covered by an adopted Area Action Plan (AAP) or Development Plan Document (DPD) do not have any policies or proposals shown - this will change as the remaining AAPs and DPDs are adopted (see the Local Development Scheme for details of when this will happen). When the complete LDF is adopted, every part of the city will be covered by the policies map.

Click on the button below to open the LDF Interactive Policies Map. By clicking on this button you are agreeing to having read and accepted the terms and conditions.

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