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The planning application process

Planning consists of a number of formal processes that are used at different stages when making a decision.

These processes include the planning application process, including applications that go to Planning Committee.

Planning appeals may be made against decisions, and planning enforcement seeks to enforce decisions that have been made, or to stop unauthorised work.

In addition, the planning policy process is used to guide the long term future of the city.

We no longer acknowledge every letter that is received by the Planning Authority, and we cannot enter into individual correspondence with regards to planning applications. If you do wish to comment on a planning application you are advised to put your comments in writing during the consultation period set out in the application. Once your comments are received they are registered as a Letter of Representation. If you feel strongly about the planning application we advise you to contact your local Councillor who may be able to assist you.

Letters of Representation (objecting or supporting an application) are published on our planning online website under the relevant application, usually within five working days from the date of receipt. Your name and address will be published, we do not publish your email address, telephone numbers and signature.

Officers can accept comments on lawful use or development applications, however these applications are not subject to the the 21 day consultation period, as shown on the weekly list of applications.

New documents or plans which amend a planning application or relate to a decision are also published on our planning online website under the relevant application.

If you are interested in a particular application please visit our planning online website.

Notification of changes and notification of the decision will be undertaken as stated in our code of publicity.

If you need any assistance please contact the Planning Technical Team on 01752 304366.