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Business and trade waste


Why is waste your business?

Large or small, if you have a business, then it will generate waste. As a waste producer you are directly responsible for ensuring that your waste is disposed of correctly and you must check that the person or company who collects your waste is a legally registered waste carrier.

This is called 'Duty of Care' and failure to comply with the 'Duty of Care' legislation could result in you being fined up to £5,000 (or more if hazardous waste is involved).

Why isn’t a waste collection service covered by business rates?

Due to the competitive nature of the waste industry and to ensure you have the opportunity of obtaining the best price for essential services; businesses are able to choose their own waste collection company. You can choose a private contractor to provide the service for you and it is for this reason we do not charge for this service in your business rates, otherwise you would be paying twice.

Plymouth City Council's Trade Waste Service can supply you with waste collection at a competitive price. If you do choose to have your waste collected by a private contractor, you must make sure you are meeting your 'Duty of Care'.