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Trade waste law and legislation

'Duty of Care' waste transfer notes

Every business is legally required to classify their waste in accordance with the european waste catalogue which uses six digit codes for each type of waste. By law, the new EU legislation now means that all trade customers must complete their waste transfer notes using these codes. As a registered waste carrier we cannot accept your trade waste without this coded declaration.

The waste transfer note is to ensure that the waste you produce is dealt with in the proper manner and is not mismanaged. A waste transfer note is required for every waste collection made from commercial properties. For those businesses whose waste is consistent in its composition a single annual waste transfer note can be accepted, however if a business is producing variable waste types, a single specific waste transfer note will have to be completed for each waste collection.

Please contact us for information on the waste transfer note and guidance on completing the document.

Animal by products regulations (ABPR)

Animal by-products are defined in the ABPR as 'entire bodies or parts of animals or products of animal origin not intended for human consumption, including ova, embryos and semen'.

We are unable to collect this type of waste. Animal by-products not accepted include:

  • Manure and gut contents
  • Raw meat
  • Raw fish
  • Uncooked skin and bones
  • Uncooked shells

Hazardous waste

All materials listed below are now listed as hazardous in the european waste catalogue and therefore cannot be collected by us.

  • Lead acid batteries (for example car batteries)
  • Chemical wastes
  • Computer monitors
  • Fluorescent light tubes (strip lights)
  • Motor oil
  • Oil filters (used)
  • Oily sludges
  • Paint
  • Tyres
  • Televisions
  • White goods

We cannot accept or transport hazardous waste and as a waste producer you have the duty of care to ensure that any hazardous waste you produce is correctly disposed of through a registered hazardous waste carrier and disposal site. Details of other waste carriers can be found on the waste directory.

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