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Help with Planning Online

There are a number of ways you can search for applications using Planning Online.

General guidelines

None of the search fields are case sensitive. For example, 'High Street' and 'HIGH STREET' will return the same results. Do not include symbols such as *, ? or %; the system does not recognise them and a search which incorporates these characters will return no data.

Keep it simple, you have a better chance of getting your search results back quicker, just use one of the boxes to search.

Search by application number

The most straightforward approach for finding the details of an application is to enter its unique reference number in the 'Planning Application Number' field.

The reference number can be obtained from all publicity associated with the application, including press adverts (where relevant), site notices and neighbour notification letters.

A valid application reference number will always find the relevant application without the need to complete any other field on the search page.

You do not need to put in the full application number e.g 12/00788/FUL can be input as 12/00788

Search by site address

If you wish to locate an application by the address of the proposed development please enter in the first line of the address.

Keep it simple e.g 12 Manadon Villas, Homepark Ave, Plymouth can be entered as 12 Manadon.

Search by postcode

A really quick way to search is by postcode.  Enter the full code for an exact match, you can also enter in a partial code.  E.g. PL7 will search all applications in that area, whereas PL7 9DD will look for all applications exactly in that postcode.

Sort order

The applications retrieved by the search criteria entered can be sorted in a number of ways.

By default they will be listed in address order and then in date order within the address. This means that if you were looking for applications in High Street, all of those at 2 High Street would be together in date order, followed by those at 3 High Street and so on.

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