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Motorcycles are an ideal form of transport within an urban environment such as Plymouth.

  • Motorcycles generally produce far less CO2 per km than cars, using a bike therefore contributes to cutting gases that cause global warming
  • Stringent new Euro 3 emission limits mean all new motorcycles manufactured after 1 January 2007 will put motorcycle emissions at levels similar to or better than those from cars
  • Five motorcycles can be parked in the space occupied by one car
  • Motorcycles cost less to buy, run and repair than cars
  • Motorcycles occupy less road space helping cut congestion

Motorcycling safely

Motorcycle riders only make up 2 per cent of Plymouth's traffic but in 2014 accounted for 23 per cent of all the killed and seriously injured casualties and 15 per cent of the slight injuries on Plymouth’s roads.

Key motorcycling casualty facts

  • There were 19 motorcyclists seriously injured in 2014
  • There were 105 slight casualties in 2014

For a more detailed breakdown of the motorcycle casualty figures please go to the motorcycle casualty figures page.

The Road Safety Team are working with many different partners to promote safer motorcycling, for more information visit the safer motorcycling pages.