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Plymouth and its twin towns

The term "twinning" is the term we use to describe a special relationship between two communities, usually in different countries, where those communities have identified common interests and hopes.

Whilst there are many long established links between places sharing a special historical heritage, most twinning arrangements have come about since World War II when people, tired of conflict in Europe, sought to build new contacts and friendships with a view to promoting a better understanding of each other in the future.

This idea rapidly spread through Europe to become world-wide. Over the last 35 years Plymouth has entered into five formal twinning arrangements

These pages give a brief view of Plymouth's twin cities together with contact links for those wanting more information.

Brest, France 1963

In 1963, Plymouth took its first of many steps in the twinning arena by twinning with Brest on the North Western coast of Brittany, France

Gdynia, Poland 1976

In 1976, Plymouth's already well earned reputation for friendly international links took a change of direction eastwards when it entered into a twin city agreement with Gdynia on the Polish Baltic Coast.

Novorossiysk, Russia 1990

In 1990, Plymouth began links with Novorossiysk which has become Russia's most significant Black Sea Port.

San Sebastian, Spain 1990

Plymouth began links withSan Sebastian in 1990. Situated in the Basque region of Northern Spain close to the French Border, it lies at the foot of three hills.

Plymouth Massachusetts, USA 2001

In June, 2001, the City of Plymouth cemented formally what surely must have been one of the oldest municipal links in existence.

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