Plymouth's budget

How we are prioritising Plymouth’s budget

We are investing more in vital care social services in our £193.6m revenue budget for 2020/21.

The budget includes a further £4.9 million to towards support for vulnerable children who need specialist care and £4.1 million for adult social care.

The cost of providing social care accounts for around one third of the Council's total revenue budget.

The revenue budget also helps provide more than 300 council services including street cleansing, maintaining roads, running libraries, creating jobs, tackling homelessness, trading standards and supporting schools.

To help maintain these services while costs and demands increase and Government funding declines, Council Tax bills are rising by 1.99 per cent.

A further two per cent precept specifically to help towards the additional costs of providing adult social care has also been agreed.

This means the tax for services delivered by the Council are rising by 3.99 per cent.


These are 2020/21 Council Tax levels in Plymouth, including Council services and the police and fire authority precepts.

Valuation band Plymouth City Council

Devon & Cornwall

Police Authority

Devon & Cornwall

Police Authority

Total Charge Due

A £1049.85 £147.76 £58.83 £1256.44
B £1224.82 £172.39 £68.63 £1465.84
C £1399.80 £197.01 £78.44 £1675.25
D £1574.77 £221.64 £88.24 £1884.65
E £1924.72 £270.89 £107.85 £2303.46
F £2274.67 £320.15 £127.46 £2722.28
G £2624.62 £369.40 £147.07 £3141.09
H £3149.54 £443.28 £176.48 £3769.30



The Council also has a capital budget that will invest £893 million in Plymouth up until 2023/4.

This will deliver a wide range of projects, including:

  • Helping protect the environment by installing on-street electric vehicle charging and replacing a big proportion of the Council’s petrol and diesel fleet with electric vehicles.
  • Reducing congestion and making journeys easier through major road schemes such as the Forder Valley Link Road.
  • Delivering hundreds more affordable homes through the Plan for Homes
  • Supporting the new Extra Care housing scheme at Millbay
  • Delivering further improvements to Central Park and to play areas across the city
  • Growing the economy by further expansion at Langage business Park and the next phase of the Oceansgate development
  • Supporting the major regeneration of the area around Plymouth Railway Station
  • Delivering further improvements to the condition of highways and footpaths
  • Developing the cycle network in the north of the city