Legal notices

We are required to advertise certain notices relating to land in a local newspaper. Below are recent advertisements placed in the Herald by the Council together with corresponding plans:

Download Village green application re land at Hooe Green [PDF, 226KB]

Download Notice: St Peter's Road [PDF, 97KB]

Download Village green application re land at Newton Playing Field [PDF, 102KB]

Download Land at the field at Paradise Road, Plymouth [PDF, 102KB]

Download Notice: Open space at St Peters Close [PDF, 8KB]

Download Plan: Open space at St Peters Close [JPEG, 342KB]

Download Notice: General Vesting Declaration - 135 Stuart Road [PDF, 468KB]

Download Plan: General Vesting Delcartion - 135 Stuart Road [PDF, 856KB]

We are required to publicise certain notices relating to land in its area:

Public notices

Download Open space advert (PfH3) [PDF, 108KB]

Download Plan - Orchard Avenue [PDF, 683KB]

Download Peters Park Lane St Budeaux [PDF, 417KB]

Download Bampfylde Way Southway PL6 6SS [PDF, 545KB]

Download Hooe Road Hooe PL9 9N [PDF, 935KB]

Download Sherril Close [JPG, 609KB] 

Download Trevithick Road [JPG, 253KB]

Download Exeter Street Notice [PDF, 132KB]

Download Exeter Street Notice [PDF, 302KB]

Download Compulsory Purchase Order 1 - 135 Stoke Road, Stoke [PDF, 556KB]

Download Compulsory Purchase Order 2 - 135 Stoke Road, Stoke [PDF, 152KB]

Download Compulsory Purchase Order Map - 135 Stoke Road, Stoke [PDF, 861KB]

Download Notice of intention to publish Gambling Licensing Policy [PDF, 101KB]

Download Notice to publish Licensing Act Policy [PDF, 101KB]

Download Notice of proposed Taxi Licensing Fees from 01 Feb 2019 [PDF, 392KB]