Integrated care

Integrated care is all about joining up health and social care services so that you get the right care you need, at the right time, in the right place - regardless of who may be providing the care.

Integrated Commissioning Strategies

Integrated commissioning aims to:

  • improve health and wellbeing outcomes for the local population
  • reduce inequalities in health and wellbeing of the local population
  • improve people's experience of care
  • improve the sustainability of our health and wellbeing system

We'll achieve these aims through commissioning in line with four integrated commissioning strategies. The strategies apply to health and wellbeing services commissioned for Plymouth and the health services commissioned for South Hams and West Devon.

Download Commissioning an integrated system for population health and wellbeing [PDF, 3MB]

Download Glossary [PDF, 284KB]


Download Wellbeing Needs Assessment [PDF, 3.5MB]

Download Wellbeing Strategy [PDF, 2.2MB]

Download Wellbeing Action Plan [PDF, 129KB]

Children and Young People

Download Children and Young People Needs Assessment [PDF, 12.2MB]

Download Children and Young People Strategy [PDF, 1MB]

Download Children and Young People Action Plan [PDF, 294KB]


Download Community Needs Assessment [PDF, 11.9MB]

Download Community Strategy [PDF, 1.3MB]

Download Community Action Plan [PDF, 237KB]

Enhanced and Specialised Care

Download Enhanced and Specialised Care Needs Assessment [PDF, 8MB]

Download Enhanced and Specialised Care Strategy [PDF, 913KB]

Download Enhanced and Specialised Care Action Plan [PDF, 225KB]


Download Integrated Commissioning Strategy Action Plans 2017 - 2019 [PPT, 570KB]

Download Integrated health and wellbeing system performance scorecard September 2017 [PDF, 520KB]

Download Integrated health and wellbeing system performance scorecard April 2017 [PDF, 546KB]

Download Integrated health and wellbeing system performance scorecard November 2016 [PDF, 563KB]